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Viruses are actually just exosomes

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Viruses are actually just exosomes Empty Viruses are actually just exosomes

Post by Kerstin Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:03 am

*Viruses cannot enter through the skin or eyes.  Such vectors do not work because the mucus membranes and the immune system discard small amounts of foreign proteins such as viruses.

* Viruses cannot enter through wounds because we bleed outwardly not inwardly.

* Viruses do not exist outside of Petri-dish solutions or a living body.

* Viruses cannot function without a host cell that manufactures them and encodes them, and viruses cannot replicate without a host cell.

* Viruses do not "infect" or "invade" cells. They are not alive to do so in the first place. Viruses almost never dissolve living tissue, unless in specific circumstances such as Polio and degenerative nervous system diseases where metal toxicity is present.

* Viruses primary function is to dissolve dead matter.

* Cells produce different viral strains depending on the condition of the tissue involved.

* There are 320,000 viral strains inherent to the human body, and each cell contains the viral protein make-up to manufacture each strain when the body calls for it.

* Viruses are sequenced / encoded by blood cells via RNA / DNA to break down specific dead and dying tissue and waste. Viruses are very specific protein structures.

*Coughing, sneezing and spitting is not a vector for the transmission of viruses. Saliva and mucus membranes, break down any such particles. Skin is not a vector either because viruses cannot cross dead skin layers.

* The only way to get a virus outside of natural means is via direct injection (vaccine) or blood transfusions of a patient who has the virus. However, in such cases the body only analyzes it as foreign tissue that must be eliminated. Since the virus originate within the bodily host, that body does not know the time and place that the virus will be active nor does it have the key to decode (RNA or DNA encoded by the cell) and cannot find the time of its activity. As such it is analyzed as a foreign substance that must be eliminated. Protein solvents (viruses) are manufactured of varying strengths to discard this waste if living microbes cannot eliminate it.

* Viruses are a result of internal toxicity caused by the environment. Viruses are cyclical in animals. Viruses feed upon waste products in the blood and tissue. Throughout the year, upon season / climatic temperature changes the body will dump mass amounts of toxins into the blood for removal. Some of these toxins are so toxic in nature such as mercury, formaldehyde and other chemical by-products, that living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate them without dying. Non-living proteins are then manufactured by each cell in the corresponding location of the body where this cleansing is necessary. Those toxic substances are disassembled and broken down by viruses so that the body can eliminate them restoring homeostasis.

* The only way viruses can be used as biological weapons is via injection, period. It is possible that such man-made viral strains are included in regular existing vaccines, and this should not be ruled out as a possibility, but as previously stated, viral strains from outside the body are not recognized. However, man-made substances that are injected can be designed to provoke extreme reactions in humans via various levels of tissue sterilization and adjuvants.

* Viruses cannot cross species ie; from animal to mankind. It is impossible for humans to develop animal flues - A. Because animal RNA / DNA is not compatible with human RNA / DNA. The only way animal tissue can be observed in the blood is through injection of animal tissues which makes their way to the blood bypassing the digestive tract. Only then will swine tissue, or bird tissue, or any such animal tissue appear in the body. When animal meat is consumed by a human it is converted into human tissue. Human cells cannot produce animal cells or viruses. If we develop viruses they are human viruses. Even if animal viruses are "hijacked" human cells, human cells cannot possibly produce animal viruses.

Although above statements are correct, I'm aware of advances in technology and science with the help of the MIC, NASA, Nanobots, and bio-weapon research labs. Its possible that they found a way to transmit pathogens and viruses using "Gain of function" technology, as was carried out by Dr Shi of the Wuhan bio-weapons lab in late 2019 and funded by the USA.

One things certain, this COVID pandemic is not an accident! Bill Gates carried out the very same simulation in the autumn of 2019 (Event 201) and low and behold the very same thing then occurs in 2020.


The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination, 1956, by Eleanor McBean M.D., N.D. (shows the many dangers of vaccinations, manipulated statistics throughout history, how polio arose, and the nature of virus and disease.)

Béchamp Or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by E. Douglas Hume, 1923

The Blood and Its Third Element by Antoine Béchamp, 1912

Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth by Walene James, 1942
(discusses Béchamp’s ‘Terrain Theory’ of bacteria and viruses.)

The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteurby R.B. Pearson, 1942
(First published in 1942 under the title ‘Pasteur Plagiarist Imposter!-the Germ Theory Exploded’. Shows that Louis Pasteur plagiarized and distorted the work of professor Antoine Béchamp. The author propounds the viewpoint that bacteria in the body are a result, not a cause of disease, that vaccinations are harmful or at best, ineffective and that Pasteur did not realize the consequences of the vaccines he and his followers created)

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