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The Hidden Agenda of synthetic mRNA

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The Hidden Agenda of synthetic mRNA Empty The Hidden Agenda of synthetic mRNA

Post by Kerstin Sat Mar 13, 2021 1:31 pm

RNA transmits the first set of information to the DNA, which then feeds back to the RNA that it has received the information and that is being passed to the cell/s the DNA is held within. RNA also functions as a communication medium between cells so they can locate each other & bind together in cells of the same type to create the bodily function they were assigned.

Physical, Intermediate/Astral & Spiritual, the three in one aspect religions speak of meets within ones RNA, if you have a problem with this terminology call it Aether, Dark Matter, whatever you like. These mRNA injections damage this network which is its primary point, to reduce the humans into automatons!

But it gets even more perfidious! The mRNA codes for protein synthesis. Everything you are and feel is the response of your protein production. Neurotransmitters are proteins. Your thoughts are controlled by proteins.

Nothing less they want to control, your protein production. I hope you comprehend the implications I have presented and understand the consequences of having your entire being hijacked via this synthetic mRNA "enhancement" treatment.

(Recombinant DNA "enhancements" like SPUTNIK V i or AstraZeneca's Corona injection produces the same result by a different pathway)

There is no coming back from this, once the "enhancement" will fuse with your body you will be connected to the A.I. hive mind control matrix once the whole system goes live via 5G.

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