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The Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule Empty The Golden Rule

Post by Kerstin Wed Apr 21, 2021 12:06 pm

I often wonder why it seems to be so difficult for some to understand this rather simple concept. Especially men seem to have a tough time to get it into their skull (and no this is not men bashing, just my statistically validated observation) that you always get handed back what you send out, but by ignoring this super simple spiritual law, such folks get all confused when that happens. They get confused that when they transgress the rights of others, they scream bloody murder, when they encounter someone with the ability to sling their own dirt right back at them, lol!

That's called "karma", and when it's due it's due, so what they actually complain about is not "the behavior" or perceiving a reflection of their psychotic minds, but that somebody actually is able to do so, to confront them with their own demented psyche.. well, people don't expect a brain surgeon to be "nice" either, all the want is a "expert technician".. isn't that so? Or do you know of anyone who would prefer a "nice" but incompetent person wielding a scalpel? Exactly, I am sure many people curse those people who are actually helping them.

And then there are people who curse people to stop them from continuing to harm themselves by attacking the perceived "OTHERS".. they deem "unfit or useless" so to speak.. so there will be contest of WILLPOWER, in such instances, and it would serve them well to know the universal or spiritual rules that make us dwellers ALL equal in this realm. Some of the dwellers, like myself for example, only spring into action if they personally get attacked and targeted. In this case it's like a chain reaction. Everyone who ever knew me knows I'm like the most tolerant and relaxed type of person. Usually. But I do not make a good "bullseye" target, unless you want to trigger a chain reaction of cosmic proportions. So I make tongue in cheek references, I guess my humor sucks for "some".

So what's the point? MY point is that the game was rigged against the "we the people" from the start by those who now think it's just and fair if those they targeted in the first place, will perish. Not so fast hijos de puta. So I am not the accuser, YOU are, and I merely dispute YOU, get it now?

You know so little, but act as if you knew it all, as if you have some merit. Let me enlighten you once again, you and the ants you trample upon are on the same level, it's your perception that is skewed. How you arrived to your erroneous conclusions, that should actually be your main focus right now, not "she" said "I suck". You're missing the bigger picture, she said "if you want war" you will have to "deliver".. and now she says "thank you", too kind, you greatly helped the process, though maybe not the kind of progress you initially had in mind. You will see.

.. and my words are etched into the aether (if you will) for all eternity, your doubts only belittle yourselves!

How can you know how universe and earth actually works, if you don't even know who you are?

I received my endorsement a couple months ago, I told you about it, now deal with it. You chose it yourselves!
Those who refuse to listen are bound to feel the consequences of their own errors. It's no different for me either.

So deal with it like the grown up men you claim to be.

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